Why Are My Toe Nails White?

The white on your nails is from wearing OLD polish too long. It dehydrates/thins your nails. When you see your polish is chipping, take it off and use oil atleast e/o day to keep hydrated until your pedi. A pedi is normally 1x per month to keep calluses at bay and change polish. Personally, as a nail tech, I go 2 months polish 1 month natural to let them " breathe". If you choose this route...you can still get pedis but ask for a "buff shine with oil" Please do not let it go too far. Eventually your nail tech will not be able to buff out the white, which means your nails have become, thin, brittle and chipped. The good news is it's fixable overtime with TLC ♡♡♡


Most nail polishes contain formaldehyde, a carcinogenic chemical best known for preserving cadavers! On a toenail, the formaldehyde dries and damages the nail. Most of you have seen the dry white flaky condition of the nail when your polish comes off. In fact, people are often concerned that it's fungus. Sometimes it is, but most of the time it's just damage from the polish. Switch to a salon who uses organic polish or atleast shows genuine care for the health of your feet. To see if you've found the right place...look at the condition of your toe nails before the pedi and again before polish. You'll notice a difference the first pedicure. <3


While you're checking out your newly pedicured toes, make sure the pedicurist is applying a basecoat. A base coat evens out the texture of your nail, smoothing out bumps and filling in ridges. It also acts as a barrier between your nail and the polish, preventing the color from staining or discoloring your nails. Many formulas are also infused with strengthening ingredients to counteract peeling, splitting, and breakage. So, if you notice your tech skipping this step, gracefully tell them you'ld looove a base coat to ensure long lasting wear for your beautifully polished nails ;)

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