Holding Hands


Certified Nursing Assistant

"Best Three Months" Coach

Sacred Passage End-Of-Life Doula

For many years, I've provided varying levels of care and support to physically and/or mentally disabled individuals who are unable to care for themselves. CNAs care for patients of all ages in hospitals, inpatient mental health facilities, assisted living and clinics.  I have evolved into an insured, independent contractor, CNA, employed by a patient’s family and make in-home or facility visits, where I physically care for the patient and provide social companionship. I integrate careers by offering mobile Reiki and Nail Services to my CNA clients.

$25 per hr


CNA Package Includes:

8hrs CNA Services, 1/2 hr Reiki Session, Spa Manicure, Spa Pedicure

In the comfort of their home. 




Certified Sacred Passage 

End-Of-Life, Death Doula


Doulas aren't only available for when life begins. An End-Of-Life Doula is a nonmedical professional trained to care for a terminally ill person's physical, emotional, and spiritual needs during the final stages of life.


Certified "Best Three Months" Conscious Dying Coach


The "Best Three Months" is one of the most powerful end-of-life care and planning processes available. It focuses on how we live our lives before, during, and after death. It is an individual and family coaching model which focuses on identifying and implementing your most important priorities within a 3 month-to-live time frame.


* YOU DO NOT NEED TO FALL UPON ILLNESS to explore this enlightening experience. Every well person should consult an End-Of-Life Doula to bring peace to your past, present, future, and to guide yourself and loved ones through your Sacred Transition

Sacred End-Of-Life Doula

B3M Conscious Dying Coach

$40+ per hr



Please call to discuss your individual needs

* Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Care to assist with everyday physical needs 
* Hand and foot care with massage
* Reiki Therapy (healing hands) to promote relaxation, comfort & spiritual connection
* "Hold Space" comfort for your loved one and family
* Guidance to reflect on their life and planning for how they peacefully envision the last days
* Create a "Vision Map" to assist the client and family with releasing fear, stress & anxiety 
* Educate the family about the dying process to help you better understand your

loved one's needs
* Give the family time to rest
* Create a Sacred Space according to requests of the client. i.e. music, candles, prayer ...
* Physical, Psychological, Spiritual, and Emotional support to the client & family
* Assist with organizing and planning "Celebration of Life", family and religious gatherings
* By request, after the Transition, for comfort through the initial stage of grief 




Conscious Dying Principles and Practices


Create a healing environment


Provide emotional and spiritual support

Initiate conversations about the dying process

Practice self care, reduce burnout and emotional fatigue

Demystify the stages about the dying process

Acknowledge mysteries and unexplained events

Learn how to be with intense emotions

Honor other's beliefs

Be a steward of conscious deaths

No one dies alone


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