Hand Fasting Ceremonies

             Handfasting or Hand Tying is a marriage unity ritual that has been used during weddings for centuries. Like many other unity rituals, such as unity candles or sand rituals, it represents the combination of two people coming together to create a new singular entity, under the blessings of the universe - cosmos, earth, sun, moon, nature... as opposed to government and church traditional weddings.  Couple joins their hands together and they are wrapped with a ribbon or cord and are joined together in their commitment to each other. This special day can be legalized if wanted. The ceremony is popular with Renewing Vows, Celtic, Spiritual Non-Religion, Pagan, LGBTQ... Anyone can take part in this meaningful and visually beautiful ritual. The ritual of handfasting is accessible to all, and holds the same weight, validity, and importance as any of our modern-day ceremony practices.