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All things possess energy which is how they send out vibes. The kind of energy one radiates manifests a positive or a negative aura. Timely aura cleansing heals the mind at the fundamental level infusing peace, wisdom, tranquility and renewed confidence in oneself. It cleanses your thoughts of negativity and anxiety, liberating you from the stress of modern-day living such as insomnia, depression, low confidence, etc. It rejuvenates both the body and mind and reduces energy challenges that hinder your growth. 


A toxic aura can deplete your mental and physical health. It can also block the chakras, inhibiting “Prana” which in Sanskrit is identified as the vital life force responsible for keeping us vibrant, healthy, and alive. When you use your custom aura spray, the gradual diffusion of its aroma in the air purifies the aura around you with positive vibes and uplifts your body, mind, and soul, resulting in greater productivity in your daily lives.

Custom Aura Mist